How to Help Merlin


Team Merlin has evaluated the Northwest Merlin status through extensive regional fieldwork, human interviews and literature review. We have collected data, conducted analysis and documented our findings in scientific reports. The Coastal Forest Merlin Project has ongoing equipment needs to accomplish our field and lab study components.

We invite you to help. Join Team Merlin by sharing your expertise, time, equipment or funding to further our mutual interest in the conservation stewardship of this exciting Northwest falcon!

Together, we can accomplish much growth in achieving our pioneering program goals. We need your help in statistical analysis, wildlife habitat modeling, GIS habitat mapping, educational documentary video, wildlife illustration, printing, book publication design/layout, marketing, etc. Volunteers are involved in all aspects of this project and are moving the many tasks toward completion everyday! We are very grateful for their participation!

Let’s invest in our shared vision of a Northwest future filled with beautiful scenery and amazing animals in the ultimate dream realization! Building the Merlin falcon fund is a way to ensure that this enigmatic raptor will always be there to enjoy. Please say “Yes” to our heartfelt request for your generous donation.