Program Topics

If you would like to schedule one of these Lectures, Workshops and Field Trips for birding in the Northwest Washington and Bellingham area, for your school class or group, please contact us.

Holistic Birding

Backyard Birds

Birding Field Techniques

Woodpecker Ecology

Diurnal Raptors

Merlin Ecology

Owl Ecology

Avian Behaviors

Songbird Nest Ecology

Shorbird ID/Ecology

Raven Mythology/Ecology

Loon and Grebe Ecology

Auks of the North Pacific

Diving Ducks

Dabbling Ducks

Swans and Geese

Heron Ecology

Swifts, Swallows, and Martins

Marine Mammals

Intertidal Invertebrates

Terrestrial Mammals and Tracking

Fauna of the Future

Polar Avian/Marine Wildlife

And more…

Custom Natural History Programs available.