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Remember, we also value donations of your time (as a volunteer), of equipment, and other things we need to continue our research and programs. There are many ways to help.

We appreciate your support

You are helping our many programs including: “Kids For Merlin” elementary education curricula program, and family educational kits–all to educate the Northwest community about this elegant raptor. You are also funding valuable research on this amazing raptor and much more.

A fun visual guide for your generosity:

Phun Phish

Remember your first camping trip? Putting up the tent, exploring the woods, splashing in a stream, and yodelin’ at the mountains. What an experience of discovery! It shapes your connection with nature even today.

Intern Learning Tree

Are you looking for a unique internship opportunity? We will customize a program in your major or minor field of study. Coursework, training and practical hands-on experience can be blended to achieve our mutual goals. We look forward to getting to know and work with you on this fun project!

Volunteer Swifts

You have so much talent and energy! Where do you want to go with it? Why not learn something new, have fun, and grow as a person at the same time? We offer a diverse array of opportunities including simple data-entry, marketing, development, educational outreach, lab and field research, and even stewardship. Interested? Please contact us today to set up a meeting to discuss how you can contribute to our community!

In-kind Deer

Do you have a skill that you would like to share? We have a need for that skill! Are you an organizer—can you direct people with care and respect? Or perhaps you have some equipment or materials that could use a new home?

Teen Alders — $20

Your help on behalf of Merlin is very much appreciated! Helping to grow our “Kids For Merlin” elementary education curricula program is a very empowering feeling. Thank you for making it happen!

Young Fir — $50

Opportunities abound for you… a bright future in a new career, great family and neighborhood. Now you’re looking to better understand this place you call “home.” Animals live in your backyard—what a great place to start! Help us to help you learn about the exciting Merlin Falcon. We are currently developing educational kits suitable for the whole family.

Centenarian Spruce — $100

Wow! You’ve lived in the forest a long time. What stories you can tell and the lessons learned… Certainly your insight points to the value of educating others about wildlife and our shared habitats. We would greatly appreciate your help in doing so together!

Big Leaf Maple — $250

Well done! You are successful in business and well-respected in the region. We would like to partner together and promote your company’s growth even further. Let’s meet to design a plan to accomplish our mutual goals of a sustainable ecology and economy.

Mature Hemlock — $500

For awhile you’ve been looking for the right cause to support—something that hasn’t been done before. A group of people who are working hard to benefit wildlife, not themselves. A non-profit that will stretch your generous tax-deductible donations and really accomplish the goals of research, education, and stewardship. Look no further, and “Thank you” for your support!

Grand Fir — $1,000

A person with your vision knows the value of participation at a significant level. Carefully choosing the best mission to accomplish a future of insightful information and implementation. Please help us deliver these products to the natural resource organizations and agencies who represent us. Thank you!

Old Cedar — $2,000

Together with your peers, you make dreams become reality! It takes planning, organizing, dedication, and perseverance… and you get the job done. Right here, living amongst us is the best-kept wildlife secret: the least-known story of an amazing falcon called Merlin. Your gift will help us educate the Northwest community about this elegant raptor!

Securities Silver Fir

Please contact us to discuss how to donate appreciated stocks, bonds, and other securities to our organization. Donating securities can save you capital gains taxes and help support our important programs.

Elder Douglas Fir — $5,000

You are the keeper of our collective knowledge and wisdom—watching carefully and steering the community’s course for the benefit of all lifeforms. We look to you for connections with like-minded stewards of knowledge-based wildlife guidance.

Legacy Merlin — $10,000

Ah, you are the rarest of birds! Able to pick a pet project and “make it so!” You can lift this unkown and data-rich study out of the night and into daylight. And, in a twinkle, the world is endowed with new knowledge. An act of timely grace and utmost satisfaction!