MFF is a local non-profit business providing environmental insights beneficial to the regional and international community. Citizens and scientists engage in non-invasive and comprehensive research for educational outreach about the Merlin falcon, natural ecology and people. Join us in publishing our collective pioneering findings in a national book, scientific and educational journals. Together, we will better steward the biodiversity that sustains ecology and economy for us all.

Mission: To investigate the life history of Merlin, the environment and to educate people by involving them in conservation stewardship.

Vision: The Merlin Falcon Foundation envisions a planet that sustains all life forms of perpetuity. Toward this goal we are practicing what we learn, educating our community and continue to seek ways to improve our performance. We are a volunteer organization of diverse citizens working together to benefit people, place and wildlife.


  • Kindred wildlife intrigue and inspire us
  • People volunteer with us to share their passion, talents and to celebrate diversity
  • Collaborative dialog and respect for the relationship we create facilitates our goals
  • Innovative solutions help implement our science and education programs
  • Outdoor literate citizens take care of their environment

We are a unique and innovative non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established for the purpose of better understanding the Merlin falcon on our shared planet. While our primary focus is the Northwest region of Washington, British Columbia and Alaska, we also actively network worldwide for a global perspective…

Supporting the Coastal Forest Merlin Project… Together with you, we seek creative approaches to achieving our mutual goal of determining this beautiful falcon’s survival needs in our Temperate Coastal Forest community. By engaging in solutions we all benefit!

Board of Directors

Carole Galloway
Autumn Greenleaf
Jamie Harrington
Linda Houck
Karl Jenkinson
Wendy King
Patricia Otto
Roger Stillman

Advisory Board

Seth Fleetwood
Brady Green
Kathy Hertz
Scott Horton
John MacGlothlan


Roger Stillman, President
Karl Jenkinson, Vice-President
Wendy King – Secretary
Carole Galloway, Treasurer


David Drummond, Executive Director