Merlin: A Fascinating Falcon

The Merlin Falcon Foundation

The Merlin Falcon Foundation’s mission: “To investigate the life history of the Coastal Forest Merlin, the environment and to educate by involving people in conservation stewardship”.

The Merlin is a fascinating and little known falcon of Western Washington, British Columbia and southeast Alaska. This sleek and dashing raptor has lived in our Temperate Rain Forests for a long time. Yet little was known about this uncommon falcon.┬áThis raptor’s population status and future prospects are still uncertain. Join us to help unravel its fascinating life story!

After 30 years of study the Merlin Falcon Foundation is ready to publish our findings in educational, scientific journals and a national book. We share our cutting-edge research findings with the public and natural resource agencies, bringing lively and insightful education to the regional and world community.

This is an exciting community wildlife stewardship endeavor! If you are interested in participating in our Citizen-Science or learning more about this uncommon falcon, there are many educational resources at this website. You can also join the Merlin Falcon Foundation’s Team Merlin┬áby interning or volunteering.

merlin wings

Perched high above
This forest
Does Merlin ponder
The nature of
Or celebrate
The joy of being
In every moment